"Why Buy, When You can Rent IT?"

Leverage IT Renting With
Smarter Tech & Smaller Investment

We empower the modern workforce with cutting-edge IT renting solutions.
Trusted by industry giants: Reliance, CEAT, L&T, Coca-Cola, Hitachi, & more.

"Why Buy, When You can Rent IT?"

Leverage IT Renting With
Smarter Tech & Smaller Investment

We empower the modern workforce with cutting-edge IT renting solutions.
Trusted by industry giants: Reliance, CEAT, L&T, Coca-Cola, Hitachi, & more.

Upgrade To Win: IT Renting For Every Business

Established in 1993, Silicon Rental Solutions Limited stands as India’s premier rental provider of IT products. We offer a comprehensive range of hardware and peripherals for rent, catering to the dynamic needs of emerging enterprises and rapidly expanding ventures.

Established in 1993, Silicon Rental Solutions Limited stands as India’s premier rental provider of IT products. 

Silicon Rental Solutions Limited is one of India’s first ISO 9001:2015 certified IT rental firms, boasting a 30+ year legacy. Our services span across the nation, ensuring top-tier solutions wherever you are.

Upgrade Your Way With Rental Solutions

Products We Offer


Custom desktops: branded/assembled, tailored to energize businesses.


Empower your team with reliable laptops for on-the-go productivity.


Versatile printers: single/multifunction, inkjet/laser, for office needs.


Seamless on-premise server solutions across top brands for your IT systems.

CCTV Security

Rent CCTV solutions: cameras, network, recording, storage for office security.

Networking Gear

Reliable networking for seamless team connectivity and productivity.


Quality projectors for impactful presentations, & video conferencing.

IT Hardware & Peripherls

Diverse IT hardware: storage, power, mobile, tablets, tailored to you.

External Storage Devices

Enhance data security by creating comprehensive backups on reliable external drives, fortified with a range of secure storage options.

Tablets & Mobile Devices

Equip your team with rented iPads, tablets, and mobile phones for seamless sales communication and impactful presentations.

Uninterrupted Power Supply Devices (UPS)

Shield your system from power fluctuations and operate with confidence with robust UPS systems, ensuring unwavering protection.

NAS + SAN Storage Devices

Centralize company data with NAS & SAN devices, ensuring secure employee access to stored information.

Projection Screens

Enhance work and conferencing with top-tier screening equipment for superior image and video quality.

Interactive Projectors

Navigate like touch screen with modern interactive projectors featuring finger-touch technology

High-Brightness Projectors

Optimize office conference rooms for superior presentation and video conferencing quality.

High-Speed LAN Cards

Adapt LAN cards for your internet, network printing, and computer network requirements with tailored connectivity solutions

Unshielded Twisted Pair Cables

Enhance connectivity with premium cables, ensuring a robust LAN network that supports high-speed data and seamless connectivity.

Modem & Wi-Fi Routers

Experience uninterrupted wired and wireless internet connectivity with our high-speed networking devices, ensuring seamless performance

Multi-Port Network Bridges

Optimize data flow with LAN switches featuring single input and multiple output ports, reducing congestion and isolating data traffic.

Recording & Storage Devices

From video recording to live monitoring, we offer complete setup for end-to-end surveillance solutions, ensuring thorough coverage.

CCTV Bullet Camera

Optimal for outdoor scenarios, IP bullet cameras capture top-tier videos for long-distance surveillance with exceptional clarity.

CCTV Dome Camera

IP cameras with 360-degree rotation for comprehensive angles, ideal for indoor and outdoor settings, effortlessly blend and install.

Blade Servers

Empower complex computing with blade servers boasting immense processing power and achieving exceptional performance benchmarks

Tower Servers

Unlock the potential of the tower servers offering advanced optimization and customizable features ensuring seamless performance.

Rack-Mount Servers

Optimize data center space with our servers designed for standardized racks, ensuring efficient utilization within limited confines.

Dot-Matrix Printers

Opt for dot-matrix printers, a cost-effective choice for manufacturing firms valuing productivity, endurance, and economical printing

Multiple Function Laserjet Printers

Experience high-speed laser printers: color or black & white, print, scan, copy, WiFi-ready. Perfect for substantial print needs.

Multiple Function Deskjet Printers

Elevate your business with Deskjet printers: print, scan, copy, and WiFi capabilities. Perfect for high-volume printing needs

Single Function Inkjet Printers

Get single-function Inkjet printers in color – black & white, WiFi-enabled, perfect for home offices & light printing requirements.

Basic Configuration Laptops

Light configuration sleek laptops designed for sales, impactful demos, dynamic presentations, and teams on the move for enhanced mobility.

Economical Laptops

Optimize remote work with affordable standard-config laptops, tailored for remote teams, WFH employees, and field professionals.

High Configuration Laptops

Explore high-config Apple MacBook Pro, Mac Air, and potent laptops. Perfect for development, design, post-production, and data tasks.

Customised Desktop Systems

Create your ideal desktop with components tailored to your needs. Customize CPU, memory, storage, and graphics card for a perfect fit.

Economical Desktop Systems

Optimal desktop solutions for marketing, sales, finance, & admin teams. Affordable, standard-config, all-in-one machines for office tasks.

High Configuration Desktop Systems

Unleash productivity with high-configuration Apple Mac & robust desktops, suited for development, design, editing, & data processing.


Our 30 Years Long Legacy

Silicon Rental Solutions delivers premium quality, seamless maintenance, hassle-free upgrades, prompt delivery, and constant support, all woven into a commitment to empowering businesses. As a listed company, we aspire to deliver not just products, but an extraordinary experience.

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Why IT Renting From Us Is Beneficial?

Say goodbye to 'buying blues' and embrace the thrill of IT renting with Silicon Rental Solutions. Experience a journey where innovation is on lease, upgrades are a breeze, and your business is the star of the show.

24X7 Service

Embracing the significance of seamless operations, our 24x7 support ensures uninterrupted excellence.

Quick Support

In the realm of IT renting, swift solutions are our hallmark, with quick support just a call away.

Easy & Free Upgrades

Stay ahead effortlessly with our free upgrades, ensuring you're equipped with the latest in technology.

No-Hassle Maintenance

Relinquish the burden of routine IT maintenance, leaving you free to focus on what truly matters.

Zero-Cost Repairs

Experience worry-free IT renting with Silicon as we take care of any hardware fixes for you.

No Capital Investment

Empower your growth without tying up capital – revolutionize the way you access advanced IT solutions.


Our Services

Step into an era of tech without bounds. Silicon Rental Solutions' services redefine IT renting, granting you seamless access to cutting-edge solutions, flexible transformations, and unmatched convenience. Whether you're a trailblazing startup or an industry giant, our services are designed to empower your journey.


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