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High Configuration Desktop Systems

Unleash productivity with high-configuration Apple Mac & robust desktops, suited for development, design, editing, & data processing.

Desktop Systems

Optimal desktop solutions for marketing, sales, finance, & admin teams. Affordable, standard-config, all-in-one machines for office tasks.

Desktop Systems

Create your ideal desktop with components tailored to your needs. Customize CPU, memory, storage, and graphics card for a perfect fit.

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Key Features

Added Customization Options For Desktops

Experience the power of rental desktops with Silicon, tailored to your needs. Elevate your setup with our range of added customization options for a computing experience that's truly yours.

Upgradable RAM

Effortlessly upgrade RAM from 4GB to 64GB for optimal speed.

Upgradable Storage

Elevate storage from 256GB to 4TB with versatile HDD/SSD options.

LCD/LED Screens

Enjoy vivid 16” to 32” LCD/LED screens with multiple input choices.

DVD Writers

Equipped with convenient DVD writers for added utility.

Mouse & Keyboard

Choose a wired/wireless mouse & keyboard for effortless interaction.


Further customize with Wi-Fi, Gigabit LAN, USB, and printer port options.

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Discover unmatched excellence with Silicon's Desktop Rental Solutions. Elevate your experience through top-tier technology, tailored configurations, and seamless support. Choose us for a dynamic blend of performance, flexibility, and reliability.

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